You may have seen us on Dr. Phil, John Oliver, Access Hollywood, Black Mirror, trending on Twitter, Facebook and every major media outlet in October of 2015. We caused a global and viral media storm and we are not sorry. The world erupted on us. We got death threats, hacked, and hate mail. But Why? What was all the hype about?

Well, we were hugely misunderstood, and our product wasn’t even out yet! We own that. We are not victims of the media, Silicon Valley greed, or fear mongering. We are real people with real vision for a global reputation platform where you can build trust and take it everywhere you go. We are decentralizing reputation and creating global trust in business, life, and beyond.

The journey of our own reputation and story is a clear example of why our product exists and why it is needed in the digital world. Currently your reputation is at the mercy of media, and social media.

We would be honored to tell you our story, and what a David and Goliath story it is. Are you ready to hear us? To Listen?

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