We developed a global network of successful shareholders that all wanted to use Peeple for very different and unique reasons. The majority are business owners that wanted to create rapid and much needed change and saw a big opportunity. They wanted more in a digital dawn. We came together envisioning a world where we would build trust on a global scale. We wanted to be the trust metric for the share economy. Now more than ever we need global trust as millennials are rapidly changing our world, wanting to share assets and resources, becoming digital nomads, creating technology and boundaries around their personal space. They are pioneers that created a whole new problem for us to solve…Reputation for All.

Peeple is the world’s largest reputation platform. With our reputation API for the share economy and marketplaces we are the trust metric that ensures the deal does not fall apart. We allow our users to build trust everywhere they go and display it in order to buy/sell more products/services. Our future clients who will license our reputation API are giants like AirBnB, Ebay, Amazon, VRBO, Tinder, LinkedIn, and so many more.

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