Is Peeple free?
Yes, it is free to use Peeple.
Do I have full control over my profile?

All reviews that are positive (3 stars or higher) go live on your profile automatically.

All reviews that are negative (2 stars or less) go into your Inbox where you can manage them with the following actions: rebuttal, publish on your profile, report or block the user who wrote it.

Can I deactivate my account?
Yes, you can deactivate your account in your settings.
Can I delete my account?
Yes, you can delete your account in your settings.
Can someone add me to Peeple?
No, users of Peeple can only add themselves.
How do I find someone on Peeple?
Simply use the search for Peeple bar above your profile picture. You can search by key word or name.
How does Peeple protect it’s user community?
We use a third party which sifts all messages and reviews before they are sent out to you.
Can I block and report people?

Yes, we allow you to block and report any user. Simply do this by going to the user you want to block/report and click “Report/Block User” on their profile tile in the bottom right.

You can also block and report users from your inbox next to a review they left you.

Do I have to have Facebook to use Peeple?
No, you do not need to have a Facebook profile to use Peeple. You can use your email and cell phone number for authentication and login.
Why do you ask for my cell number?
You may have the same name as someone else in the world. In order to ensure we have the right person, we tie it to your cell number. Your cell number is your unique identifier. We also need to send you a pin to your cell to authenticate you.
Can I make my profile private?
Yes, you can make your profile private by clicking the “Private/Public” toggle under Profile Privacy in your settings. Switch the toggle to read Private.
How do I share my reviews?

Simply click on the review you want to share and hit the share icon. It will open a pop up box that will allow you to choose where you want to share it to.

If you want to share all your reviews, or just professional, or personal, or romantic reviews simply go to your profile and click on “Share Reputation” to the right of your profile picture on your profile tile. It will open a pop up box that will allow you to choose where you want to share it to.

How can I share my reviews onto my website, AirBnB, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, resume, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Email, Slack and other apps?
When you signed up for Peeple you entered in a unique URL. This URL is used so that you can display your reviews and receive your reviews when sharing the link outside of Peeple. This URL is found in the “Share Reputation” button to the right of your profile picture on your profile tile.
How do I get reviews?

Search for a person you want a review from. You can search by key words, names, partial names. Choose the person you want a review from. Simply click on the “Request A Review” button on the bottom of the profile of the person you want a review from. This will open up a popup box that allows you to request a review and submit the request. You can see the status of the review you requested by clicking on the “Reviews Requested” button on your profile tile.

You can also copy your reputation link and paste it onto your website, or social media, or share economy platform where you want to get reviews.

You can also message users to request that they write you a review.

How do I use your Reputation API?
Find out more about our Reputation API for the share economy and marketplaces by clicking (here).
What is the Truth License?
The Truth License allows you to see all the reviews that people never published on their profiles. Essentially it unlocks all the hidden reviews. You can purchase the Truth License by clicking on the Truth License icon on the front of your profile or purchasing it through your settings.
What is the Positivity Halo?
The Positivity Halo is an algorithm that looks at all the reviews you wrote about others, how positive or negative you are in your reviews, and assigns red to negative and green to positive and displays it as a halo around your profile picture. It goes with you everywhere you go in the platform so other users can see how positive or negative you are when interacting on Peeple. Hint: If your halo is all red you need to write some positive reviews otherwise people will just assume you are a negative person that can’t be trusted.
Where can I use Peeple?
You can take Peeple with you everywhere you go! With a simple copy and paste of your reputation link you can display your reputation on your website, AirBnB, Amazon, eBay, resume, job application, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and anywhere else you need to be trusted. This link is the URL you see when looking at your profile. You can also click on the individual categories to share your reputation by category.
Do you have an Android and iOS app?
Our Android and iOS apps are being built. Stay tuned. Join our exclusive beta access (here) to be notified when we are ready to launch the apps.
Where can I give Peeple feedback?
We welcome your constructive feedback. Use the Feedback button in your settings. We will receive the feedback right away.
How can I invest in Peeple?
To learn more about our values and the future of Peeple click (here).