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Features that Build Trust.
Peeple takes your trust to where you want to go.


  • Request reviews from anyone.
  • Write reviews on people you know.
  • Share reviews into social media, share economy, marketplaces, your website.
  • Rebuttal and comment on reviews.


  • Decide what gets published on your profile.
  • Make your profile public or private.
  • AI and Machine Learning based Personality Profile.
  • Deactivate your account anytime.


  • Authenticated and verified users.
  • Non-anonymous.
  • Truth License lets you see all.
  • Positivity Halo.


  • Message anyone.
  • Find anyone.
  • Globally trusted network.
  • Bully Blocking Safety Moderator.
Trust is Paramount.

In a world where we are so digitally connected but so physically disconnected how do we build trust?

At Peeple we use trust to connect your world.
Take your reputation to the share economy, marketplaces, websites, to any platform with the click of a button.

  • Build your Reputation: Professional, Personal, or Romantic.
  • Transparent reviews by real people.
  • Share your reputation everywhere you go: AirBnB, Ebay, Amazon.
  • Safe place to manage your online reputation.
  • Secure Platform.
Get More of what you want.
Free. Portable. Global.
Get our API LICENSE for the Share Economy and Marketplaces.
Lack of user trust affects your revenue.
Get user confidence onto your platform and close more deals with Peeple's Reputation API. We simply display user's Professional, Personal, or Romantic ratings from Peeple onto your platform to help you get the deal done!
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