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Years ago, Nicole set out to change the way people can learn about each other online. She knew the value of a referral and then it struck her – why is there nothing that provides recommendations and commentary on aspects that truly matter to us?

Teaming up with her best friend Julia, the two innovative women set out to change the way people can learn about each other online. The Peeple app allows you to better choose who you hire, do business with, date, become your neighbours, roommates, landlords/tenants, and watch, teach, and care for your children. There are endless reasons as to why we would want this reference check for the people around us.

Looking at everyone in the three ways you could possibly know someone – personally, professionally and romantically – you can provide a recommendation on everyone you come in contact with, while allowing yourself to be recommended.

Once armed with these recommendations you can turn them into your new form of currency to get better job opportunities, better dates, growing relationships, and networking opportunities. The online social media space was lacking a safe place to manage your online reputation.

We are confident that with Peeple you deserve to have it all!

Meet Peeple

We are a concept that has never been done before in a digital space. We want character to be a new form of currency. Peeple will provide you a safe place to manage your online reputation while protecting your greatest assets by making better decisions about the people around you.

Peeple is an app that allows you to recommend and be recommended by the people you interact with in your daily lives in the following three ways you can know someone: personal, professional, and dating.

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Peeple Helps

Online Reputation Management and Asset Protection

Free and Safe

Free – to use and download

Double Authentication Process – we create integrity of information by not being anonymous and having a double authentication process through Facebook and a cell phone pin for each user.

Reputation Management and Asset Protection

Safe Online Reputation Management – create a safe place to manage your online reputation in a digital space and online community.

Enhance Your Online Reputation – for access to better quality networks, top job opportunities, and promote more informed decision making about people.

Asset Protection – protect your children, money, house, pets, assets by having more information about the people you interact with.

Build Positive Relationships – boost up the people you know and form stronger relationships by having a 2 way communication system based on feedback and recommendations.


Features and Benefits

Recommend and Be Recommended – In the following 3 categories: Professional, Personal, Dating

Peeple Number –Your Peeple Number is the total number of recommendations you have received in all 3 categories

Social Media Sharing – Share the positive recommendations you get through social media such as email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Profile Social Sharing – Share your entire profile or just the individual sections of it like Professional, Personal, or Dating

Connections – Find likeminded connections with high Peeple Number scores with our Nearby feature


Leave a Recommendation

Recommend and Be Recommended – in the following 3 categories: Professional, Personal, Dating

Share Your Profile

Share your entire profile or just the individual sections of it like Professional, Personal, or Dating

Take Actions on Recommendations

Delete or publish recommendations you receive. Block or report users.


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Global and Viral in 24 Hours

Googling or checking social media to learn about the person you are about to meet is a common practice. But how about looking up ratings for someone, whether for professional or romantic reasons? That’s the idea behind the Peeple app. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WxuUxHxGLo&feature=youtu.be
Peeple co-founder and creator Julia Cordray chats with Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about the controversial app. What are the goals of the service? And, what does she think of the public outcry?

Read more at http://www.accesshollywood.com/videos/peeple-creator-julia-cordray-defends-controversial-app/#tGMihprQX48pLYQy.99

Digital 90210 with Jamie Wilde looks at what it’s like to be a female tech founder in a male dominated industry. http://www.digital90210.com/blog/2016/03/21/4384/
Kat Macaulay did a really great job understanding the Peeple App and where we are today: http://www.takcam.com/peeple-app-interview-julia-cordray/
Katie Notopoulos answers all your burning questions about the Peeple App with an exclusive interview with CEO and Co-Founder Julia Cordray: http://www.buzzfeed.com/katienotopoulos/the-yelp-for-people-app-that-everyone-hated-is-finally-here#.ryPmO7oW5
BBC finds out the Truth about the Peeple App launching March 7, 2016. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35725862
Alberta Women Entrepreneurs announces Julia Cordray as a finalist for the Emerging Innovators Award. http://www.awebusiness.com/celebration-of-achievement/emerging-innovators-finalists/
Julia Cordray speaks about her core beliefs and intention to uplift others. Committed to her purpose and willing to take necessary risks, Julia is a rock star example of one who turns fear into fuel. http://www.bemovingforward.com/julia-cordray/
Julia Cordray, the Entrepreneur behind the infamous Peeple App tells you about her past ventures and the journey to Peeple. http://calgaryjournal.ca/index.php/profiles/3061-julia-cordray-the-entrepreneur-behind-the-infamous-app-peeple
Entrepreneur.com answers all your burning questions about the Peeple App in a Q&A style article written by their Sr. Tech Writer Kim Shandrow: https://lnkd.in/eCSRgVb
Fox Business gets the scoop on what Peeple really is and how it works: https://lnkd.in/e8eZPDw
Watch the full Dr. Phil episode on Peeple App where Julia Cordray sets the record straight with the help of Dr. Phil. https://lnkd.in/eSeUdHT
We sat down with Re/Code to discuss what Peeple really is. Get the facts here from a reputable source. https://lnkd.in/eP2pD7c


Peeple app reserves the right to change any features in their app now and in the future.

You will need to have a Facebook profile that has been active for more than 6 months and a cell phone number. You will need to have an iOS compatible phone or tablet which can receive SMS messages
We are currently only building iOS and Android. Android will launch after our iOS app in 2016.
Peeple will launch as an iOS and Android app.
Peeple uses two-factor authentication for increased safety and security.
Peeple is a positivity app for positive people that allows you to leave or receive recommendations in the following 3 Categories: Professional, Personal, and Dating.
From within the app you will be able to hit the search button on the bottom of the screen. From there you can enter in the name of the person you are looking for. If the person shows up in your search, simply click their name and choose the category for their recommendation (Professional, Personal, or Dating). Give the recommendation a title and type up your recommendation. When you are done send the recommendation to the user for approval.
If the person you are searching for is not in the app you can still write a recommendation for them. Afterwards you will get the option to invite them to join Peeple. Their recommendations never go live without their permission.
No. You can only invite them to download the app through a text message sent from you.
You have full control over the recommendations that go live on your profile. If you don’t approve a recommendation you can easily delete it. Remember, recommendations never go live on your profile without your permission.
Yes, if you have previously created an account you can deactivate your account in settings.
When you login to our app we default your status as not single. You can change your status at any point from the settings menu on your profile.
Please refer to our terms and conditions that you will have to agree to before joining and while being a user of our app. We do not tolerate profanity, bullying, health references, disability references, confidential information, mentioning other people in a recommendation that you are not currently writing a recommendation for, name calling, degrading comments, abuse, derogatory comments, sexual references, racism, legal references, hateful content, sexism, and other parameters in our terms and conditions.
Like any social media platform you are responsible for the way you conduct yourself.
Google does not have direct access to the Peeple servers.
You can share any recommendation made on the app through Facebook, Twitter, Text, or email. You can also share your entire profile, or just a single category (Professional, Personal, or Dating). This allows you to choose how you would like to present yourself.
Yes. In fact we highly recommend it. This is a great way to get ahead of other job seekers and show how others view your work to recruiters and hiring managers.
Recommendations never go live without your permission. You can delete any recommendation from your inbox.
You need to be 21 years or older
All users can freely share any profile or recommendations in the Peeple app. If an account is deactivated, then all information related to that account will no longer be accessible, even the previously shared links.
Peeple is a free-to-download app and does not currently offer in-app purchases.
You can share individual recommendations, a category of recommendations, or an entire profile via facebook, twitter, text, or email.
You can share via Facebook, Twitter, text, or email. If you deactivate your account, all share links associated with your account will also be deactivated.
Information is stored in a secured network of databases which are not made public. For more information please refer to our privacy policies.
Yes. You have full control over your profile and what goes on it at all times. You approve, ignore, or delete all recommendations through your private inbox in Peeple.
No. You are not an anonymous user. You are the person you signed up with as on Facebook.
You will be able to message any users if they have not blocked you.
Yes. You can block any user. This prevents them from writing a recommendation for you and sending you messages in the app.

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We're looking for trend-setters to help us test our app. Want to be the first one in? Download Now!

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